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The Proven Path to Progress

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy is the process of using a variety of clinically proven techniques to teach a wide range of skills, from simple to complex, while decreasing problem behaviors that can be harmful or interfere with day-to-day life. This evidenced-based treatment impacts positive changes and alleviates symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  All Star ABA provides in-home therapy which you can access right away- no waiting list!

What is ABA Therapy?
ABA stands for Applied Behavioral Analysis. Our BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analysts) observe and analyze your child’s behaviors, working to understand the causes of their behavior. From there, they outline a plan to help your child minimize negative behaviors and increase positive ones.
How can ABA help my child?
During ABA therapy sessions, your child will work with their therapist to practice positive reactions and habits. Through fun activities and exciting incentives, the therapist will encourage and reinforce positive behaviors, helping your child make progress and acquire vital life skills.
How can I expect my child to improve?
ABA therapy can teach your child communication skills, social skills, how to follow a routine and how to look after themselves physically, eg. to get dressed on their own. However, as every child has different struggles and learns at a different pace, your child’s progress will be unique to him.


Life-Changing Services

Running to keep up with work, family and all your other obligations is a marathon enough. Add to that a child diagnosed with ASD, and you may feel like you’re falling apart. We are here to help alleviate the burden. Our friendly team of bilingual BCBAs and RBTs work with your child to bring on a calmer present and more successful future.


Positive Change Starts Here

Social/Emotional Skills

ABA therapy improves social skills, such as turn-taking, understanding social cues and following rules.

Communication Skills

With ABA therapy, children build communication skills, including initiating and maintaining a conversation.


With ABA therapy, individuals progressively build independence. Skills include toilet training, executive functioning and safety awareness.

Reduces Problem Behaviors

ABA therapy significantly reduces problem behaviors over time such as aggression, self-injury and property destruction.

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Why choose All Star ABA?

Insurance Ease

Our qualified bilingual team will help you with the insurance process from start to finish, giving you all the guidance and support you need to complete any paperwork.

Comfort and Convenience

Our therapists provide in-home ABA therapy across Baltimore and surrounding Maryland counties. We work with you to schedule sessions that best fit your time and location.

ABA Therapy: Real Progress

Through relaxed in-home therapy sessions, our team will teach language, communication, social and functional skills using proven ABA strategies. Our dedicated Board certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) will adjust treatment as necessary, optimizing your child’s progress.

Experienced Team

Our trained ABA professionals are here to help with your child’s needs. Get the care your family deserves from our quality team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Behavior Therapists (BTs). If your child’s first language is Spanish, don’t worry- our staff speak Spanish too!


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